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Jan. 2020
Happy New Year
Happy Ner Year

19 Aug. - 2 Sep. 2019
Winter Session
Tokyo Science, Tokyo Teck University Students Camp sponsored by Shinzo

Jul. 2019

Congratulations! Shunta C/O Nimbus 4DM.
Thank you Shinzo and Nimbus4DM. This time, my task were C'K out of Nimbus4DM and JOY. Previously I had flown with Shinzo by Nimbus4DM to get "thermal drug". After that I became "thermal-holic" .
During my task days in Narromine, It was not XC weather (Before and after my task day, it was 300km task weather!), but good for local soaring. I checked out and then enjoyed local solo soaring. I felt like I became a glider!

Mar. 2019

Narenkai Spring Session
Congratulations! Naoki C/O Nimbus 4DM.

Dec. 2018

S/N member Tom is Australia National open class Champion
sending Last night photo  and Tom` message
ShinzoThank you Shinzo for weather and general advice and relaxed friendship during the Nationals which helped me to win here at Narromine again. Tom Claffey

22 Aug. - 4 Sep. 2018
Winter Session
Tokyo Science, Tokyo Teck University Students Camp sponsored by Shinzo

Mar. 2018
Narenkai 2018, for all generation glider pilot.

Feb. 2018
Japanese students Camp

23 Dec. 2017 Kerrie completed 1000km flight
=> OLC
The Girls from Narromine
The holy grail 1000k has been eluding me for some time now. I did 830k in the ASW28 and then 905k (970k OLC) in the ASG29 a few years back. I eventually decided it is ok to do it in stages – any shape in the f29, then an FAI triangle in the f29, then any shape in the f28, then the ultimate FAI triangle in the f28.
A very experienced coach recently said doing a 1000k is just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Granted thatfs a necessary condition, but not sufficient. Therefs a few stars which need to align – the right weather, a serviceable aircraft, a serviceable pilot, availability of an early launch and a modicum of luck.
Weather – the one thing Ifve learnt about weather in 35 years of flying is I canft predict it. But for me the grighth weather is a long day not a good day. 
Aircraft – one thatfs up to the task (Andy Pybus once suggested LS4 performance or better), rigged, everything working, oxy filled and points loaded. Many pilots have been delayed and defeated by things like arriving late or outlanding the day before, having to rig, fix things, fill oxy or load points.
Pilot - general experience, enough currency on type to be happy thermalling low for the early morning drift off downwind, pedantic attention to detail with declarations, rounding turns etc, some speed skill in the middle of the day, adequate physical condition (well rested, fed, watered & oxygenated) and a great deal of bloody mindedness at the end of the day when a wise man would go home!  Bigger and better pilots than I have been defeated by poor declarations, missing turns/finish, feeling unwell or giving up when hope was there.
So on Saturday 23 December, some of those stars aligned. The weather was forecast to start early, with climbs up to 10,000 ft and finish late. Skysightfs experimental projected task distance for 18m class was around 800k.
Clearly the f29 is up to the task – in fact 18m class is cheating!  It was rigged and fully operational with water, oxy and the Narromine record points. 
I was current in the f29 having flown the Womenfs Training Week at Narromine, the NSW comps Temora and 750k the day before.  Said 750 left me feeling a bit flat and not welcoming reports that gtoday is the day, not tomorrowh. However, because we still believed Sunday would be the day, I had not been burdened with thoughts of g1000k tomorrowh so had actually slept well & long. I clearly lack the ideal speed skills, but have more than my share of pendantry and bloody mindedness to make up for it!
An early launch can be somewhat problematic on a big day with others jockeying for position. Mac had marshalled Akemifs LS8 before briefing and was towing his V2CXA as I ran from briefing towards my car/glider. Being third in line behind 2 high tows (4000 ft), delayed my launch till 11am, potentially way too late for 1000k.  Meanwhile Jenny self-launched about 20 mins earlier and was underway when I launched.
Now for the luck factors - task and weather. Because the Narromine record points did not include either Macfs out/return point near St George Qld, nor Jennyfs points of Lightning Ridge-Koorawatha, I had to use other points in the same good task area to the north. Whatfs near Lightning Ridge? Walgett. Whatfs a bit south but not too far into the poorer weather? Forbes. Whatfs far enough north to make 1000k? Colliie? No not enough. Coonamble? YES 1021 – thatfll do!
Weather – the late start was not a huge disadvantage as cufs were already popping so I was able to tow to 2000 ft,  climb to 4000 ft and go. The haphazard task setting worked well as Forbes was near the edge of the cu (a stroke of genius I say!). The blue to the south caused Jenny to abort her declared task and revert to an OLC thousand. And again the late start & sometimes slow going were only small penalty as the day lasted till stumps.
A critical point was the 2nd passing abeam Narromine. There were many reasons a sensible man (person) would give up and land – heading away from home into a dying sky with 280k to run at 5.30 – youfre kidding right? If I go on Ifm putting all my eggs in one basket - high risk of outlanding and spoiling any chance of another go tomorrow. But there were as many reasons a bloody minded fool would go on – how many times will I have around 750k under my belt at this hour with the possibility, however remote, of making 1000k? Ifm going till I make it or outland trying!
So the flight goes like this c.

There was movement at the airfield for the word had passed around
That the day had come to fly 1000k
Itfs the holy grail for soaring dreamers anchored to the ground
So all the pilots gathered to the fray.

There was Makoto in the V2 and Akemi in the 8
And Jenny put her 26 on line
Still recovfring from a big task that finished rather late
Kerrie finally towed out her 29.

Mak declared an out/return task way up to the north
And Jenny set the Ridge then way down south
But Kerrie didnft have those points so searched the whole list through
Walgett-Forbes-Coonamble will have to do!

As Mak en Akemi towed up high, the tug was gone a while
While Jenny launched cufs popped around the sky
So Kerrie loaded in the task, Beryl nodded with a smile
Then close the canopy, hook the rope on, fly!

The time was now 11, pretty late for 1000k
But the thermals were already working high
So tow to 2 and climb to 4, now start and on your way
Donft think about how far you have to fly.

Seemed a slow trip up to Walgett, is that wind just in the mind?
Jenny kept her 40k lead all the way
Around the turn and climb to 9, enjoy the wind behind
The Altair seemed to gobble up the kfs.

gTango One ebeam Narromine, heading down to Forbesh
Was easy when the time was just 3.30
But with more kilometres to go than those already forged
The thought of finishing was just a flirting!

Forbes field was on the edge of cu so tip toe in and out
Back into wind but climbing ever higher
Cruising up round 10/11, certainly is no doubt
Oxy is the drug for every flyer!

gTango One ebeam Narromine, heading for Coonambleh
Was harder when the time was now 5.30
And the sky was looking flatter with 280k to amble
But how often do you get the opportunity?

The leg up north was not so bad, good climb before the turn
But heading south it started to blue out
Go back to where you climbed before & take it to the moon
But leave when it was starting to drop out

Oh dear I wish Ifd stayed in that and taken it to glide
Still 2000 ft below, just one more chance
Take 1.5, then up to 2, be grateful for all you find
At last a final glide, tempting to dance!

Overfly the finish point, left downwind on 22
Itfs 8.15, one minute after sunset
Jennyfs there to meet me, shefs done 1000 too
We celebrate the bestest Christmas yet!

26 Aug. - 9 Sep. 2017
Winter Session
Tokyo Science, Tokyo Teck University Students Camp sponsored by Shinzo

Feb. 2017
Aba completed 300km flight

Dec. 2016
Japanese students competition TRG

Oct. 2016 Narromine Season Start


25 Aug. - 7 Sep. 2016
Winter Session
Tokyo Science, Tokyo Teck University Students Camp sponsored by Shinzo


March 2016

Narenkai Spring Session

Hiroshi First 50Km


18 Aug. - 6 Sep. 2015
Winter Session
Tokyo Science, Tokyo Teck, Kyusyu and Kyushu Teck University Students Camp sponsored by Shinzo


Aug. 2015
Shinzo in Texas


March 2015

Narenkai Spring Session

Oct. 2014
Matsu completed 300km flight


Natsu completed 300km flight


May 2014:
Shinzo in Japan
Shinzo Visits Japan in April, May





March 2014

Narenkai Spring Session

Nov. 2013
Updated the price list.

May 2013:
Shinzo in Japan

Shinzo Visits Japan in May, sometime 14000f, sometime2500f.
14000f  over Nikko looking down  Japan Alps.

Kuju;   Looking up Kuju san.

February 2013:
  Australia National Championship,  2nd  Open  class

January 2013:
A Happy New Year!

December 2012:  NSW State Championship,  Open class Champion

May 2012: 27 
Shinzo in Asia !
Shinzo came back to Narromine conditiones 8000ft Cu from 6 weeks advance coaching tour in Jakarta, Sekiyado, Aso and Kuju.
It was a lot  of fun, friends and rain.





January 2012: 6  Happy New Year !

March 2011: 8  Five years have passed since my last flight, report from Hiroko Ideo

I visited Narromine after an interval of five years in the end of February. Students who had stayed in Narromine in the training for the student championships were the same ages as my son.
Under an influence of this year's abnormal weather of Australia, a lot of green paddocks and ponds werer seen which had not be seen in normal weather condition.
In five years,  many things have changed. I was surprised to see "blipmap" and badge flight using a flight recorder.The weather gradually improved for soaring in the later half of my stay.Fortunately, I had a chance to fly with Shinzo in DuoDiscus in good condition. The town which was seen in photo is the Nyngan which located about 120km northwest of Narromine.

March 2011: 3  XC-training in Narromine, report from Tomohiko "John" Iguchi

Narromine, NSW Australia in 17-27 Feb 2011. I rode glider "7L" that CS is a 4th-producted as "Discus CS".
Several days were good XC condition and climbed to 10,000FT. But then grain in the field is not reaped anywhere and cannot land in the paddock due to a historical flood. So I enjoyed soaring any day "plan positive & dicision conservative".

Shinzo           Tomohiko               Keith                   Hiroko           Masahiko            Ryoya              Arihito

July 2010: 30  Texas state championship
I enjoy Texas state championship in Llano with Bob Grove by his Duo X, learning my pilot(Bob), glider, american comp rule, food, apertmemnt and my shopping car Porsche are good. however weather are not good.
It is hot and wet, so it is storm, today was day 3, took off and started but 15 minuts after cancelled because of too much shower, it will be changed soaring weather tomorrow.


June2010: 6  NSW Instructor training course
I have just come back from "Instructor training course" which is held at Lake Keepit.
We did "Lecture And Flight" from morning to night and did flight by A/T and which on the Lake Keepit airfield.
Finally, one Level 1 instructor and three Level 2 instructor were born in one week course.
As our gliding activities changed from local flight to cross-country soaring, we changed and improved the rules (including  License system, training syllabus, OPS manual. Instructor manual, Radio license and OPS rule, etc.) with CASA.
The new system starts from May, and this is the first "Instructor Course".
I have work thoroughly, since I attend this course as the only "Coach and Instructor".
It is good opportunity to tell them my policy " Achievement and Safety are same direction"


May2010: 25  National Team Camp in Narromine
National team camp was held in Narromine on  March and flew togrther with Soar Narromine pilots.

March2010: 31  2009 season last photo.
This is the last photo of 2009 season.
I go to Chinchilla tomorrow with Discus 2a for QLD easter competition. Shinzo

March2010: 5  Japan students gliding champion, Ms Rieko Chihana visited Soar Narromine !
Rieko enjoyed flying by Discus 2a.

March2010: 5  Australian Junior National

February2010: 21  Flying report from Ryoji !

Ryoji achieved 5 hours duration on this month.
Photo is Ryoji and his friends  with Shinzo.They are  around  65 years  old  pilots!
Shinzo is the youngest !!

            Ryoji            Mr. Goto          Shinzo               Mr.Akatani

January2010: 29  Flying report from Katsunori !
Katsunori who is one of the frequent pilots, flew at Soar Narromine on new-year vacation.
He enjoyed flying by ASW20b(VH-GYM).
He sent a photo. Thank you Katsunori!

January2010: 4  Happy New Year !

September2009: 19  Congratulation !!

The Gliding Federation of Australia has awarded Anne the 2009 JR (Bob) Muller  award for making the most outstanding contribution to the promotion or publicity of gliding in the past year. Anne is the GFA sub-editor of the Soaring Australia magazine.

September2009: 16

It was cerebration dinner today.
Andrew First Solo, 23 T/O, 5.5 hours in only 5 days.

    Anne           Shinzo                                   Andrew            Keith

June2009: 28
"GrandPrix 2008" Photo Album now on the web.

June2009: 8
"Baron Hilton Cup 2005 report" now on the web.

Shinzo moved to France from Japan,
He flew at St.Auban and enjoyed Province wine and cheese.

Shinzo visited Kuju (Kyusyu in Japan) for Advance training.
Kuju is famous mountain flying area in Japan.


Last day of this season with pilots from UK and Japan.
Keith and Shinzo are happy because of a lot of great flights and no accident.
 photo by Anne Elliott


Koichifs mighty 750km flight on January 6 was celebrated with fellow pilots and crew: Wendy, CFI Shinzo, tuggie Keith, Jenny, Trevor, Koichi, Harry, (front row) Fumio, Tomo and Haruhiko. Trevor completed his first 1000km flight on the day and Harry flew his ninth 1000km task. Congratulations to Koichi from all his Aussie and Japanese friends.


An early morning 66th birthday celebration for Soar Narromine tuggie Keith Dixon.

Happy birthday Keith !!

Koichi has completed 750KM, we hurry to the restaurant for beer, beer, beer.

December2008:5  Willy's Report

Comments from the pilot: Willy
This is my 5th trip to Narromine for glider flights. Every time I come here I discover new things, on this trip I had rented the ASW20b. The ASW20b was the first flapped aircraft I ever flew, and I have to say that I enjoyed every second of it. It climbs very smooth in lift, and glides very well with the flaps. On day 1 I had a nice local flight and on day 2, I was already flying 300km. I can certainly recommend Soar Narromine for the best weather conditions and best aircrafts. Also, I was able to learn many many things from Shinzo. Thank you very much.

Today Shinzo and I rigged the Nimbus 4DM together so I can get some coaching from him. The launch time was delayed to 14:30 due to this, but we had excellent weather with lots of cloud streets. We were flying until 19:00 and managed to fly 500km. I was able to learn about shifting gears (speed/decision making) when conditions were changing rapidly(good and bad).

Again we had great weather with thermals up to 9000ft in 10kts!! So we decided to do an out-and-return flight to Queensland. It was the first time for me to fly over mountains here in Australia. The view was excellent and I enjoyed it very much. At 16:30, we were 208km away from Narromine, and the weather wasn't getting any better, so Shinzo was flying instead of me, but I managed to learn lots from watching his flight. I learned that all that matters for a good pilot is the basics and the decision making. I noticed that Shinzo was sleeping in the back seat of the Nimbus 4DM from time to time yesterday, but not today.

I was flying the ASW20b today. A cold-front just went by yesterday, so I didn't think we would have good weather, but I was wrong! Shinzo taught me to take-off the earliest amongst the other pilots and fly as long as I can. So I did this, and by 17:30 thermals started to become very weak, and everyone else started to land. After this the wind became a bit stronger, and a cumulus wave started to form. The cloud base was 8000ft, but I was able to climb all the way to 10000ft above the clouds in the wave!! It was a very nice view, and I wish I was there longer. One more thing I learned today was that imagination is very important for soaring, Thank you Shinzo!


My big brothers' family visited Narromine!
Three brothers were together in Narromine in 14, July.
15, July : They flew one hour each with me on Nimbus 4DM. 6,000feet Cu condition.
They said " like a bird !"
16, July : Sky travel in Australia. We flew together on Maule around Narromine.
They said " wide !! "

Cloud street near Trangie tracking to Collie, 6000feet, 0 degree.
Narromine has no season-off for Gliding !!

October 2007:28

Shinzo and Haruka Kise(project suporter) ride Morning Glory by Nimbus 4DM on 28th

October 2007:4  Winter Session 2007 : Data
Number of Flight@@195
Hours of Flight@@@119
Gliders@ASK-21@ASTIRRB@Hornet@ Discus@ASW20B@Discus2A @Duo Discus

October 2007:4

At the last day of Winter Session in this yesr, Anthony First Solo !!
He received the mother's congratulation.
His mother, Dagmarl
is an advanced pilot.

Anthony & Dagmarl

August 2007:29- August: Congratulation !!  Shinya : First Single-seater, Hayato : First Solo !

August 2007:7- August: We have started "Winter Session 2007"    Many students are enjoying between beautiful green field and blue sky with good Cu !  

@@  @@@

December 2006:30 December: We completed an FAI Triangle 1000km flight. Not only did we have a big flight, we also enjoyed the western NSW countryside - Markus and Michael.
29 December: Today we flew 1180km OLC distance - Markus and Michael .
Detailed flight data can be viewed on the OLC website.
18 and 19 December: Students have been flying every day for up to six hours in good conditions to 10,000ft. One pilot declared a 50km task and flew 296km!

The NSW State Gliding Championships finished on December 2. Two pilots from Soar Narromine competed - Itsuo Takahashi (flying our Discus 2) finished 11th,  and Haruka Kise (in the Duo Discus) came 4th.Shinzo commented that very difficult weather conditions prevailed all week, but both these pilots did maximum flights.

October 2006:
The 2006-2007 soaring season is now upon us with bookings coming in daily.
Friday, October 6:
Shinzo headed off today for the long trek up to Kingaroy in Queensland where he will take part in the Australian National Gliding Championships. This event is being held from October 8 to 20. We wish him  safe and happy soaring.
Monday, October 2:
Shinzo carried out an advanced training flight in the Duo Discus, 300km out and return, on task, at an average speed of 105kph and a cu base of 11,000ft. As you are probably aware, many parts of Australia, including the Narromine area, are in a severe drought situation. If the drought does not break we expect the coming season to have great soaring conditions - but we feel very sorry for the farmers and graziers.


June 2006:
Shinzo represented Australia in the 29th World Gliding Championships in Sweden. Report attached.
April 2006: 
The 2005-2006 season has finished and our statistics show: 
* 1,575 hours and 970 launches
* 24% less hours and 21% less launches than last season
* 74 customers visited us last season, exactly the same as during the year before.

March 2006:

Flying in the French Alps from St Auban with Shinzo is now booked out.                       

February 24  2006:

The Nimbus 4 DM's engine has been modified with a clutch which should protect the engine belt from being torn apart in future.

The clutch was fitted with help of Tracy Tabart who came from Melbourne (a two-day drive) to Narromine solely for this purpose.

Pictured Shinzo about to test fly the Nimbus 4 DM.


French Alps tour: Shinzo guides through the French Alps from  May 1 to 13 2006 by Nimbus 4 DM based in St Auban
Shinzo is already full booked but there are still places available in Eric Napoleon's Nimbus 4 D. 
Interested pilots are requested to contact us as soon as possible.