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Narromine Aerodrome, Narromine NSW, Australia

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Narromine is renowned throughout the world as having the best climate for soaring,
with no airspace restrictions, but with  flat terrain, safe places for out landings,
no sea-breeze or monsoon rain during a 12 months cross - country season in a modern and civilized area.

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By choosing this location you can enjoy unlimited cross country flying,
using our fleet of modern, high performance gliders.

Narromine airfield

Narromine is a licensed aerodrome with two sealed
 and three grass  runways surrounded by a large grass
 area which allows an easy and safe gliding operation.

About our operation

12 gliders from club class to super ship, seven days a week, so you can enjoy flying at your own pace
to your own schedule.
Cross-country joy flights, badge-achievements up to 1,000km, cross-country records, advanced cross-cou
ntry coaching, training from first flight to solo and much more of magnificent soaring in ideal conditions.

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All launches are aerotow by Pawnee 235 and Maule M6 235.

Experienced and high qualified staff are looking after you and your
needs to make your stay with us successful and safe.

The town of Narromine and its facilities
Narromine itself is a town with about 3,500 residents, plenty of shops, restaurants, motels, hotels and two caravan parks.
 It is about 450km north-west of Sydney and 40km away from Australia's biggest inland city, Dubbo, which is the home 
of the largest open-range zoo in the world.
Narromine is also an ideal place to undertake outback tours.

How to get to Narromine

Getting to Narromine 
Getting to Narromine is easy! After arriving at Sydney International Airport, clearing customs and collecting your
 baggage go to the domestic
Check-in desk. Check-in for a one-hour flight to Dubbo.
Twe airlines are serving Dubbo - Qantas Link and Regional Express.

How to book

Making a Booking
 On our website you will find a price list and a reservation form. To make your booking, just send in the reservation
 form and we will confirm your booking or, if you wish, call us by telephone or  send a fax to discuss your schedule
 then forward the reservation form and deposit to us for confirmation. If you decide to come gliding with us,
 it is advisable to book early. 
Last but not least, do not forget to contact your travel agency about the visa necessary for travelling into Australia.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.
Shinzo Takizawa - Director, CFI

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